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Executive Position Name
Local 387 President T. J. Gomez
WSP Plant Chairman Kirk Yancey
WFP Plant Chairman Chad Kellums
Vice President Brian Clendennin
Recording Secretary Don Fredricks
Financial Secretary Mark Petrlich
Bargaining Chris Pfaff
Trustee Chair Arnold Miller
Trustee Gary Schack
Trustee Bill Eluskie
Sergeant-At Arms Wally Vaughan
Guide Jeff Griffith
Board Member / Skilled Robert Welsch
Board Member / Production Jackie Paulun
Board Member / Production Albert Collier
Retiree Board Member Frank Eritano
Committee Position Name
District #1 Keith Lenard
District #2 James Storm
District #3 James Burbo
District #4 Bill Jablonski
Benefits Representative Angela Bantam
Health & Safety Representative Tim Parsons
E.S.S.P. Representative  
Employee Resources Coordinator (E.I.)  
Quality Liaison Representative  
Ergonomics Representative Jim Arnold
Apprentice Representative Marge Thomas
Committee Name Name
By-Laws Committee Chair Don Watkins
By-Laws Committee Mark Petrlich
By-Laws Committee Brian Clendennin
By-Laws Committee Gary Schack
By-Laws Committee Don Fredricks
C.A.P. Committee, Chairperson Jesse Gonzalez
C.A.P. Committee Jackie Paulun
C.A.P. Committee Brian Clendennin
C.A.P. Committee Keith Lenard
Chaplaincy Committee
Civil & Human Rights Committee, Chair Elbert Collier
Civil & Human Rights Committee Jesse Gonzalez
Civil & Human Rights Committee Arnold Miller
Civil & Human Rights Committee Sheila Woodard
Education Committee
Election Committee, Chairperson Betty Tolliver
Election Committee Brian Lord
Election Committee Mike Shope
Election Committee Dawn Shope
Election Committee Dan Norton
Election Committee Alex Ignagni
Election Committee Chenzira Williams-Maples
Lines of Demarcation, Power Service, Chair Robert Welsch
Lines of Demarcation, Welder General Gene Scafidi
Lines of Demarcation, Tool & Die  
Lines of Demarcation, Carpenter Steve Fails
Lines of Demarcation, Machine Repair Bill Eluskie
Lines of Demarcation, Millwright Rick Luciani
Lines of Demarcation, Pipefitter  
Lines of Demarcation, Electrician Don Watkins
Lines of Demarcation, Truck Shop  
Lines of Demarcation, Welder Repair Don Fredricks
Organizing Committee, Chairperson Arnold Miller
Organizing Committee Elbert Collier
Rec/Comm Service Committee, Chairperson Brian Clendennin
Rec/Comm Service Committee Mark Petrlich
Rec/Comm Service Committee Arnold Miller
Rec/Comm Service Committee Angela Bantam
Rec/Comm Service Committee Don Fredricks
Union Label/Consumer Affairs Committee, Chairperson Gary Schack
Veteran's Committee, Chairperson Robert Harvey
Veteran's Committee Sheila Woodard
Veteran's Committee Keith Lenard
Women's Committee, Chairperson Jackie Salva
Women's Committee Sheila Woodard
Women's Committee Betty Tolliver
Women's Committee Celcia Westbrook
Worker To Worker Committee

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